Safe Deposit Lockers

Robur have manufactured and installed over 3 million safe deposit lockers around the world for banks, hotels and safety deposit centres.

The BF4 is our latest design with enhancements for the highest security. All safe deposit lockers sold in Sweden must be tested and certified by SSF in accordance with SSF 1048-2. The BF4 exceeds this rather tough standard and not many locker manufactures can boast that they have passed this test.

The Robur locker door is made from a high grade Aluminium. This makes them both attractive and robust. Lockers installed 30 years ago look as good and timeless today. We are today working with our fifth generation of electronic management systems for our lockers. It can be operated by the Bank or completely self service, with an interface where customers are identified by a magnetic or proximity card and personal pin or a biometric solution.

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Safe Deposit Lockers

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Safe Deposit Lockers


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