Robur delivery terms and conditions of November 1:st, 2017.

Robur Safe AB delivers according to the Conditions below :
NL 09 E inclusive supplement for Computer Software (NPV 09 E) are valid for goods where Robur is not responsible for the installation of the goods in the premises.
NLT 09 E is valid for goods where Robur is responsible for the installation of the goods in the premises.
Regarding electronic locks warranties see below

Lock warranty:

The warranty condition for electronic locks covers only components of the locks. Robur Safe AB will not take the costs for the work required or costs connected wiht the change of the components, like travelling costs. This is in accordance with the lock suppliers’ warranty conditions.

Extract of terms and conditions

Terms of delivery:

Ex Works as per Incoterms 2000, excluding freight but including standard packing and pallet for truck transport. Deliveries from Robur Safe AB per truck. Freight to be charged as per valid freight tariff.

Terms of payment:

Invoices are due for payment within 30 days net after the date of invoice. For projects there are special terms of payment.
There is an interest charge of 1,8 % per month for overdue payments and an additional reminder fee..
The goods shall remain the property of Robur until paid for in full.


The warranty period is one year after delivery of goods.
Complaints about defects and damages concerning a delivery must be made immediately to the transport company by the consignee.


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